CIENCE GO Data Upgrades

 Check out the latest additions to our award-winning platform!

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CIENCE GO Data Upgrades Deliver Enhanced Accuracy and Reach

At CIENCE, our commitment to excellence drives us to continually update and improve the CIENCE GO Platform, with a special focus on the critical GO Data foundation. We're excited to share some significant enhancements that will elevate your prospecting efforts.

Expanding Data

Our latest round of updates, effective April 2023 Highlights include:

  • The addition of millions of new contact records.
  • A more than 30% increase in our data footprint.
  • A 51.3% improvement in mobile phone fill rates.

But it's not just about quantity - we're dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of data accuracy. Our team works tirelessly to fight data decay, implementing regular updates to ensure you have access to reliable, up-to-date information.

"At CIENCE, we believe that data is the lifeblood of successful B2B prospecting. Having access to a comprehensive and accurate dataset is essential for identifying the right targets and crafting personalized outreach campaigns," said Taras Ilnytskyi, Head of Data at CIENCE. "These latest upgrades to CIENCE GO Data solidify our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible foundation for successfully setting appointments." 

Benefits Across the GO Platform

The CIENCE data foundation is the bedrock upon which the entire GO Platform is built. By enhancing this critical component, the benefits filter through to every aspect of the platform where leveraging data is crucial. From identifying ideal customer profiles to crafting personalized outreach, accurate data is the key to success.

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Connecting with More Prospects

Even before these data upgrades, our clients were experiencing higher call connection rates compared to the previous year. With the expanded data set and improved mobile phone fill rates (up by 51.3%!), we anticipate that call connection rates will climb even further.

More conversations with qualified leads means more opportunities for you to build relationships, showcase your value proposition, and ultimately grow your business.

Fueling Our Mission

These enhancements to CIENCE GO Data are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our mission: elevating every B2B engagement by converging AI capabilities and human intuition.

"Our investment in data quality goes beyond just providing more contact information," said Ilnytskyi. "By always improving the accuracy of our data, we empower our clients to have more meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships with potential customers."

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in B2B prospecting. With CIENCE GO Data and the full GO Platform on your side, the sky's the limit.

Data For You!


In the spirit of fostering innovation and empowering our communities, CIENCE is thrilled to announce a new dimension to our CIENCE GO Data services. We're turning our vast treasure trove of companies data inside out for the public good, offering unprecedented access to a wealth of information on over 150 industries across the USA.

This initiative enables researchers, entrepreneurs, and curious minds alike to explore in-depth state rankings (ex. California Industries, Texas Industries, Florida Industries), or rankings by state (ex. Broadcast Media in New York, Law Practice in Pennsylvania, Construction in Arizona), or Industry Top 10's (ex. Semiconductors, Machinery Companies, Warehousing Companies), or company profiles (from large like Bain & Company, to medium like NextGen Technologies, to small like InCrowd). 

There are handy industry lists by Employee Count (ex. Architecture & Planning 501 - 1000 Employees), or by Revenue Range (ex. Computer Networking $1-$5M in Revenues), and unique insights into sectors as varied as business services, information technology, environmental services, and much more.

Whether you're delving into the competitive landscape of computer software in California or seeking to understand the nuances of management consulting firms with 11-50 employees, our data is your gateway to discovering the heartbeat of American industry.

By making this data openly available, we aim not only to enlighten but also to inspire new stories, innovations, and connections that propel industries forward. Dive into our comprehensive databases and embark on a journey of discovery that could redefine the future of your industry.