CIENCE GO Digital Official Release! Precise Ad Targeting

CIENCE has introduced the next generation of account-based marketing (ABM) with the release of GO Digital. The ad management tool combines CIENCE’s industry-leading GO Data custom audience creation platform and Bidder-as-a-Service (BaaS) demand-side platform (DSP) functionality to give marketers precise programmatic ad targeting for preferred audiences. 

Unlike other platforms, GO Digital offers the best of both worlds in a single offering: GO Data custom audience creation comes bundled with advanced advertising options for display, video, audio, or social media channels.

"We’re excited to become marketing’s best friend, or at least its new secret weapon.” —Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE

How GO Digital Works

Unique among DSPs, CIENCE GO Digital offers a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage both ad exchange and data exchange accounts. 

Real-time bidding for online advertising (display, video, audio) takes place within the ad exchanges, and by utilizing the CIENCE GO Digital DSP, marketers can manage their cost-per-mile (CPM) bidding. 

CIENCE GO Digital bundles CIENCE GO Data to provide exacting target audiences. GO Data has access to millions of business users, allowing you to set more than a hundred B2B targeting filters. This makes it possible to reach both hyper-targeted small segmented audiences or hit an entire total addressable market (TAM) cost-effectively, depending on marketing goals. 

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Benefits of GO Digital

CIENCE’s GO Digital data stores only high-quality B2B accounts that are constantly validated, so ads are only displayed in front of the right audience that fits your ideal customer profile (ICP) precisely.

“We use GO Digital to target our entire ideal customer profile, which we’ve created in CIENCE GO Data,” said Quanstrom. “It’s a seamless account-based marketing workflow that helps us raise awareness and sell our offerings.” 

Using the CIENCE GO Digital DSP allows marketers to optimize campaigns based on set key performance indicators (KPIs) such as effective cost per click (eCPC) and effective cost per action (eCPA). In addition, the advanced BaaS options keep costs lower than other ad solutions.

“Because of the targeting capabilities, we’ve seen three times the industry standard click-through rates (CTRs) on our display advertising," said Quanstrom. "And we’ve done this at less than a quarter of the costs of the previous solutions we’d used. This has enabled us to scale our advertising programs to significant volumes of leads.”

Key features:

  • Precisely target millions of individual business users
  • Audience activation
  • Programmatic audience targeting
  • Micro-segmentation with 100+ targeting filters
  • Support for any ad type: display (all sizes), video, audio, social media
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

CIENCE_GO_Digital_#2CIENCE GO Digital Pricing

GO Digital customers benefit from an annual platform subscription service, which then includes flexible target CPM rates—with no monthly spending commits. 

“We’re playing by our own rules to shake up the industry and bring value to our customers. Media buying is incredibly easy with CIENCE GO Digital. Our main goal is to offer all the benefits you’d need to go out and buy separately when it comes to reaching your specific ICP target audience . . . all in one best-of-breed platform.” —Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE.

About GO Digital

The CIENCE GO Digital product has been in beta since Q2 and has already achieved remarkable throughput and adoption in a short period of time. CIENCE GO Digital was just recognized as a Fall 2022 category leader by SourceForge. The SourceForge category leader is only awarded to select products that have attained the highest levels of praise from user reviews from more than 60,000 products on the platform.

“We’re hearing really good feedback on the ability to reach a company’s ICP—and only their ICP—without wasted ad spend,” said Quanstrom. “This potent combination of any ad format, advanced bidding capabilities, and the most comprehensive, accurate contact data on the market is proving to be a winning combination.” 

Get Powerful Engagement with GO Digital

CIENCE GO Digital enables marketers to deliver powerful messages through precise ad targeting. With industry-leading data accuracy, you’ll be able to manage the criteria for your digital ads to ensure a successful outcome for all of your ad marketing campaigns. Find out what B2B advertising quality and GO Digital can do to grow your pipeline.

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