CIENCE Announces Acquisition of Chaskiq


Our relentless commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of sales and marketing technology has birthed cutting edge solutions. With products like GO AI, GO Schedule, and GO Engage, we've created the first all-in-one platform for demand gen. Our recent addition, a sophisticated Customer Data Platform (CDP), empowers our clientele with unparalleled first party data and event tracking and seamless connectivity, crafting a digital bridge that effortlessly binds various sources and destinations. This pace of evolution, matched with an undying spirit of reinvention, has set the stage for our next bold move. In this light, we're thrilled to unveil our acquisition of Chaskiq and the exciting introduction of Plain, setting a new horizon for what's possible in our industry.

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Welcoming Chaskiq into the CIENCE Family: A Synergy of Visions and Capabilities

In the vast landscape of technological innovation, certain moments define and reshape the trajectory of a company. For CIENCE, the decision to bring Chaskiq into its family represents this type of defining moment.

The initial spark ignited during a personal meeting between our CEO Thomas and Miguel, Founder of Chakiq. This wasn't just a transactional business discussion. As they sat down in sunny Florida, with both families present, a connection deeper than business became evident. They discovered a shared resonance in their aspirations and philosophies. Thomas was deeply moved by Miguel's unwavering commitment to open-source principles. Their shared dedication to democratizing technology, ensuring its widespread accessibility, and the very spirit of collaborative innovation became a powerful alignment of visions.

Chaskiq, in its essence, beautifully complements the already robust array of tools that CIENCE offers. The impending evolution of GO Chat will provide users with exciting features such as live video, AI-driven chatbots, and audio bots. An integrated appointment-setting functionality promises to weave the entire customer engagement journey into a seamless tapestry of interactions. Moreover, the synergy between our GO Show product and GO Data CDP allows us to discern, often preemptively, the origin company of anonymous site visitors, enabling a uniquely proactive and tailored engagement.

As Chaskiq integrates with the expansive resources and capabilities of CIENCE, it's not merely about expanding a product suite; it's about realizing a collective vision. The dreams that Miguel and his team envisioned for Chaskiq can now flourish within CIENCE's framework.

Together, we remain unwavering in our mission: To elevate every B2B engagement by converging AI capabilities and human intuition. With the addition of Chaskiq, we're one step closer to making this mission a reality for businesses across the globe.

Enhancing B2B Engagements with GO Chat and CIENCE's Comprehensive Suite

The realm of business engagements has seen exponential growth, with a significant push towards digital, proactive, and intelligent interactions. The value of capturing a prospect's interest right at the moment of their website visit cannot be understated. This is where GO Chat, formerly known as Chaskiq, plays a pivotal role.

GO Chat Full UI View

GO Chat: More Than Just a Live Chat

At its core, GO Chat (formerly Chaskiq) is designed to revolutionize how businesses communicate.

  • Inbox: A centralized panel for agents that amalgamates conversations across channels, ensuring that no lead is left unanswered.
  • Live Chat: Beyond being just another widget, GO Chat offers a web chat experience that users genuinely appreciate and engage with, enhancing B2B lead capture opportunities.
  • Documentation Center: An integrated system that houses your company's knowledge base, ensuring that all pertinent information is readily accessible.
  • Routing Bots: These aren’t your run-of-the-mill chatbots. They're designed to intelligently route and automate conversations, ensuring that prospects are always directed to the best possible touchpoint.
  • Campaigns: From newsletter campaigns to onboarding tours and one-off popup messages, GO Chat ensures that your outreach is always impactful.
  • Applications: Seamless integration capability ensures that GO Chat connects effortlessly with the third-party tools you rely on, further amplifying its utility.


CIENCE’s Synergized Product Ecosystem

GO Chat's capabilities become even more pronounced when viewed in the context of CIENCE's expansive suite:

  • Data Intelligence: With products like GO Data and GO Intent, businesses have access to verified B2B contact information and invaluable insights into in-market buyers. When combined with GO Show's ability to identify anonymous website visitors, the potential for proactive engagement is tremendous.
  • Engagement Tools: From GO Engage's sales automation to GO Digital's real-time media bidding, CIENCE's arsenal ensures that your outreach is always targeted and effective. The integration of GO Schedule further streamlines the engagement process by automating appointment booking.
  • AI Capabilities: The AI suite, featuring products like GO Expert AI, GO Campaign AI, and GO Dialogue AI leverages machine learning to craft industry-specific content and responsive communication across platforms.
  • Analytics: GO Analytics provides a robust platform for gauging web interactions, ensuring businesses can always stay ahead of their game.


The incorporation of GO Chat into CIENCE's comprehensive toolkit is a testament to our commitment to continually enhance and refine the B2B engagement experience. As we meld the best of proactive engagement, AI automation, and a suite of tools designed for precision, the future of B2B interactions looks brighter than ever.


Spotlight on 'Plain'

In the constantly evolving landscape of technology, innovations that stand out are those which offer tangible solutions to real-world challenges. One such notable innovation is 'Plain', a Rails engine designed to act as an AI assistant for Rails projects. But what truly makes Plain distinctive?

Developed with an aim to provide more than just a structural or organizational aid, Plain dives deep to furnish meaningful context in real-time. This isn't merely about arranging codes or streamlining projects. Instead, it's about understanding them, interpreting their intricacies, and providing intelligent insights.

Rails Hackathon logo

It's no surprise then, that Plain was proudly showcased at the Rails Hackathon 2023, a testament to its novelty and value. The dedication and creativity of its developers, especially notable mentions to @claunicole and @silva96, ensured it wasn’t just another project but a highlight of the event.

Within CIENCE's broad tech ecosystem, Plain finds its perfect home. Its capabilities complement the CIENCE tech stack, enhancing the development process, and providing developers with an intelligent companion. This is not just about having a tool, but about having an AI-driven collaborator that understands the intricacies of your project.

Moreover, Plain transcends its role as an AI assistant. It emerges as a comprehensive documentation site, streamlining markdown files, and offering an intuitive, beautifully designed user interface. For developers, this means a smoother workflow, with documentation that’s both easy to access and modify.

The acquisition of Chaskiq and the introduction of tools like Plain symbolize CIENCE's commitment to adopting and nurturing cutting-edge technology. As we integrate Plain into our operations, we foresee a future where our tech stack isn’t just efficient but is also intelligent and intuitive.

The Power of Open-Source in Modern Development

In today's swiftly evolving tech landscape, open-source software has become synonymous with innovation and collaboration. While CIENCE is stepping freshly into the world of open-source, its vision is clear and grounded in the myriad benefits the domain offers.

CIENCE recognizes the value of rapid software development made possible by the collaborative energy of the open-source community. Such a collaborative approach doesn't just expedite product enhancement; it ensures robustness as diverse minds converge to test, challenge, and improve the code. Open-source offers more than just speed; it embodies transparency, provides support for a myriad of projects, and fosters a spirit of collective intelligence.

Drawing inspiration from giants like Databricks, which has successfully harnessed the collective power of the community while offering cutting-edge solutions, CIENCE aspires to blend its proprietary tools with selective open-source components. This approach promises the best of both worlds: the agility of community-driven development and the capability to give back to the tech world, enriching it in the process.

But embracing open-source is not without challenges. Issues of maintenance, security, and scaling often surface. However, with a proactive approach and a clear strategy, CIENCE is geared to navigate these waters. A testament to their commitment is the planned engagement with the developer community. From hosting hackathons to encouraging open-source contributions and other forms of community engagements, CIENCE is laying down a roadmap to deeply integrate, contribute, and thrive in the open-source ecosystem.

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CIENCE GO Chat: The Next Big Thing in AI Conversations

At its core, CIENCE's ambition has always been to spearhead innovations that redefine B2B engagements. GO Chat, an existing powerhouse in our suite, has always showcased this aspiration. It was conceived as a clear-cut software application designed primarily for online demand generation and engagement. But with the Chaskiq acquisition, the capabilities of GO Chat have taken an unparalleled leap.

The key features of GO Chat are truly transformative. While it already boasts capabilities such as the Inbox, Live Chat, Documentation Center, Routing bots, Campaigns, and Applications, there's more on the horizon. One of the biggest thrusts in upcoming versions is leveraging AI to provide site visitors with deeper insights and tailored content, ensuring that the experience for the prospect isn’t just interactive but highly insightful. The objective? Drive unparalleled value and understanding for our clients' products.

Seamless integration is the backbone of any modern software ecosystem, and at CIENCE, we've ensured that GO Chat plays well with our existing suite. Currently, it has been flawlessly integrated with GO AI, GO Schedule, and GO Flow. And rest assured, there's more integration magic in the pipeline.

Speaking of AI, its deep integration within GO Chat is a game-changer. Unlike many generic AI solutions out there, CIENCE crafts a bespoke AI model for each client using vectorized data. This is not just another channel but an immersive, intuitive interface that complements our Voice AI and Campaign AI tools.

User experience? Think ease, efficiency, and excellence. Whether it's customization options or user feedback, GO Chat's interface is designed with the user in mind, making the experience not just functional but delightful.

But that’s not all. Our future roadmap for GO Chat promises innovations like live video, AI-powered voice, and more advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities that can trigger API calls within the platform. Real-world impact? Let's talk numbers. On CIENCE's own website, we've seen a staggering 18% of our inbound appointments being driven via GO Chat. That's the power of intelligent, interactive engagement.

For businesses keen on leveraging GO Chat, we provide comprehensive support. From online onboarding supervised by a dedicated Customer Success Manager to training videos, and from online to live chat support - we ensure that our partners are never in the dark.

Open Source

The Synergy of Sales & Marketing and Developer Communities

In the vibrant world of technology and business, the merger of distinct communities can spark innovation. For CIENCE, the vision to intertwine the marketing and open-source developer communities was ignited by observing the successes of trailblazers like Databricks. These companies tapped into the open-source community's brilliance and seamlessly expanded into the enterprise spectrum.

The open-source community is a wellspring of innovation and rapid development. It offers businesses like CIENCE a pulsating ecosystem where feedback, testing, and iterative improvements occur at a dizzying pace. On the other hand, the marketing community provides a panoramic view of the market, identifying gaps and translating technological advancements into tangible benefits for clients.

The advantages of this synergy are multifaceted. Clients gain access to rapid innovations, robust and customizable solutions, cost efficiencies, and a vast knowledge base. Furthermore, the commitment to open source fosters trust, transparency, and an assurance of longevity.

CIENCE envisions fostering this collaboration through dedicated platforms, events, and joint projects, although it's just beginning its journey in this integrative space. With no past ventures bridging these communities, the road ahead is rife with opportunities. Through this innovative approach, CIENCE positions itself at the confluence of "Marketing Meets Maker", promising a dynamic future for its clientele.


As CIENCE wraps up this chapter filled with acquisitions, innovative product launches, and a renewed focus on open-source, the overriding emotions are evident: excitement for the future, a sense of pride in accomplishments, humility in recognizing the challenges, and anticipation for the vast opportunities that lie ahead.

It's pivotal to remember that sometimes, all it takes is one person to make an impactful change. When like-minded makers converge, as seen with the CIENCE team and Miguel, exponential growth is not just possible—it becomes inevitable.

To ensure our users and stakeholders stay abreast of all developments, CIENCE will put a significant emphasis on changelogs, promising more frequent and detailed updates. Furthermore, as we look to the horizon, CIENCE is excited about deeper integrations within our ecosystem, especially as our Voice AI is poised to redefine communication with capabilities such as fully autonomous phone calls, appointment scheduling, and emailing.

To everyone reading this, CIENCE invites you to engage with us. Ask us questions, share your feedback, and let us know what you think might be missing. Our aspiration is clear: to create an unrivaled go-to-market and lead generation platform where every application synergizes seamlessly, requiring clients to simply plug in their CRM.

In concluding, a heartfelt note of gratitude is in order. Transitioning from a predominantly service-driven entity to a full-fledged all-in-one software platform in just a year brought its own set of challenges. There were moments of rapid change, extended work hours, and, admittedly, bouts of frustration. But through it all, our resilient team persisted, and our clients stayed unwavering in their trust. To all of them—thank you for being an indispensable part of this transformative journey.

Stay tuned with CIENCE; the best is yet to come!