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At CIENCE, we aren’t just another lead generation company—we combine elements of machine learning, human intelligence, and proven practices to provide each and every one of our clients. Starting with top-notch and impeccably accurate research, we help you identify and go after your target audiences. We then utilize our tried-and-tested multi-channel outreach strategy to engage your qualified leads and gain new appointments and sales for your company. Our people-as-a-service (PaaS) model leads to more targeted leads for you to pursue, a predictable pipeline, and ultimately, more sales and revenue for you.

Although we are based in the Southern California (San Diego & Aliso Viejo) area, we work with clients from all over the world and provide services that are reliable and cost-effective. In order to showcase our unique approach and service offerings while we expand our client base, we created a Clutch profile. As a rapidly expanding outbound marketing agency, we realize the benefit that ratings and reviews platforms like Clutch can provide to businesses in the B2B sector facing fierce competition.

Clutch ranks their internet marketing companies and other lead generation service providers according to a multi-faceted algorithm that incorporates factors such as companies’ website presentation and content and the quality of their past and current clients and work projects, as demonstrated through case studies. Chief among these ranking factors are the client reviews listed on companies’ profiles, which analysts create through brief phone interviews with past and current clients of featured companies.


We have worked hard to get reviews listed on our profile so that we can learn from clients’ feedback and continue to rise in the Clutch rankings. We are excited to share some of the results with you and to hear more from our clients!

Personal Touch

“With CIENCE, they’re always putting their best foot forward, and you know that they’ve got your back. They hit monthly touch points with us, deliver weekly reports, and send sales summaries whenever we request them,” remarked the VP of sales for a healthcare technology company. “There’s no smoke and mirrors. Everything is very clear.”

He continued, “They provide a very specific service that in my experience has been disruptive. It’s a great business model that every company needs to really embrace if they want to have that constant influx of net new pipeline opportunity creation ... The work that they’re doing isn’t for the faint of heart; they’re doing the nitty-gritty work for your company.”

Cost-Benefit + Improved Performance

Another client of ours, the founder of a financial technology company, said, “CIENCE is the best of both worlds, combining the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing with the insight and personal relationships that come with in-house employees. They also provide the expertise that comes from specializing in their field ... Others don’t provide that level of attention and care.”

Custom Experience

Finally, the business development director for a pharmaceutical company commented, “[What impressed me the most was their] ability to offer a customized, hands-on experience both for us and for our clients, the people that they’re reaching out to. Their messaging wasn’t mass, blanket emails but came from a real person representing our company. They could respond if there were any questions. It didn’t feel automated or like you were talking to a robot. They provided a concierge-type approach.”

Thank you again to all of our clients, and especially those who have taken the time to talk with Clutch about our work. We look forward to continuing to serve you as effectively as possible as we grow with the Clutch platform.

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