CIENCE Announces GO Flow: Real-Time Data Streaming

CIENCE has announced the availability of GO Flow, a data transfer tool that provides real-time event streams for your prospect and customer data. 

With CIENCE GO Flow, sales and marketing teams can easily move data between any source or destination. The system enables easy connections to your data warehouse, CRM, marketing automation platform, and more.

“Data is fuel in today’s world. So the ability to manipulate data to get a better picture of your prospects and events happening on your website will help you sell better, smarter. We’re glad to enable this for our customers.” —August Keating, President and COO at CIENCE

How GO Flow Works

CIENCE GO Flow automatically resolves, identifies, and then enriches your visitor-based event data. This includes any contact data flowing to your downstream marketing and sales stack.

There are more than 140 external services CIENCE GO Flow pulls from to enrich data to build a 100% accurate profile of users. These include the CIENCE GO Show website visitor identification tool that determines the underlying contacts visiting your site.

“CIENCE GO Flow is the glue that connects key website, outbound, or advertising data to all your systems of record,” said Keating. “We’re enabling businesses to get way better at leveraging what would otherwise be a complete black box. 

“After all, every business is going to market via multiple channels and generating demand—but understanding better the visitors and events and actions each is taking with your company leads to better sales results.”  



The Benefits of GO Flow

The CIENCE GO Flow tool allows users to see data moving between a source to a preferred destination or multiple destinations where data needs to be sent, data-enabling businesses around the key events happening on their websites and in other channels at top of the funnel. 

CIENCE GO Flow automatically creates a sales and marketing data warehouse that can be queried instantly. Data can be streamed in real-time or sent in micro-batches (up to 1x per minute).

In addition to creating new sales and marketing data warehouses, data can flow to other services such as familiar marketing platforms like HubSpot, Google Analytics, or Amplitude. CIENCE GO Flow can also call any HTTP application programming interface (API).  

Key features: 

  • Retroactive user recognition
  • Automatic data replay
  • Multiple destinations at the same time (multiplexing)
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Data-handling privacy compliance

CIENCE GO Flow: Real-Time Data StreamingMove Your Data with GO Flow

CIENCE GO Flow is a data ingestion engine for data-powered sales and marketing teams. Get the unique blend of GO Data packages with GO Flow to scale fast-growth sales organizations. Learn more about it now!

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