UpCity Honors CIENCE with 2022 Best of California Award

Each year, UpCity recognizes the leading B2B service providers with the “Best of” Awards. As a top performer, CIENCE was among the recipients to receive the prestigious 2022 Best of California Award.

The “Best of” UpCity Awards give businesses recognition for their incredible work at the local level. These awards celebrate the fifty best providers in U.S. states and Canadian provinces based on customer satisfaction and outstanding UpCity reviews.

“We’re proud to see our customers, via public UpCity reviews of our products and services, putting CIENCE on top of our competition as the ‘Best’ company in our categories. The voice of the customer speaks loudly and indicates we’re doing a great job of helping them grow their own businesses." —Eric Quanstrom, Chief Marketing Officer at CIENCE

About “Best of” Awards

The "Best of" Awards are presented to the top-ranking B2B service providers on UpCity. By deploying its own sophisticated data-driven model, UpCity is able to qualify and rank thousands of B2B service providers based on the quality of their services and brand integrity.

Winners are measured by their UpCity Recommendability Rating (UpCity’s sophisticated algorithm derived from a variety of data points) designed to help business owners find a partner that best suits their needs according to their profiles.

The annual awards showcase all companies selected as the champion in each region based on positive feedback from active users. Here are a couple of leading reviews from valued customers at CIENCE:

“CIENCE is a powerful lead generation service that helped me accomplish my company's goals. The email marketing campaign that they designed was brilliant and helped us increase our sales by 50%. It really simplifies a lot of the sales process that seems so daunting in the beginning. 
—Lux Landeau, Marketing Consulting, 5-star review

“Having some help with our led gen strategies was crucial to growing the sales funnel. We were getting comfortable with the clients we had but having incoming deals on the door gave us the motivation we needed to expand our company.
—Leah Murray, Lead Generation, 4-star review

UpCity_Award_2About UpCity Recommendability Rating

The UpCity Recommendability Rating is a proprietary algorithm that utilizes digital signals to measure the credibility and trustworthiness of each certified partner. It assesses how recommendable a service provider is compared to other providers inside the same category.

A service provider’s rating helps UpCity reps to rank and recommend top-notch B2B service providers by service area in each local market, providing interested businesses with a trusted resource when selecting a partner.

The UpCity Recommendability Rating is objective and in accordance with the current business environment, thanks to frequent monitoring and adjustments made by UpCity to its algorithm.

These evaluations aid UpCity in making recommendations for the best service providers, giving businesses a reliable resource for choosing the perfect B2B partner.


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About UpCity 

UpCity is a well-established online marketplace that has been assisting businesses in locating reliable B2B service providers since 2009. UpCity's mission is to introduce buyers to service providers they can trust. They also support providers in developing their brand reputation and identifying the best partners for their businesses.

UpCity also nominates a charitable organization during the award season. This year, $9,045 were raised to aid the Rescue Gang organization, which rehabilitates, provides medical care, and finds loving homes for animals.

Generate High-Quality Leads with CIENCE

CIENCE was recently recognized by UpCity with the Excellence Award and SourceForge Fall Leader for 2022. These awards are solid proof of the level of acceptance our data products and managed services are receiving from the B2B community.

Committed to excellence, CIENCE continues to support B2B enterprises by providing the highest quality of services for our customers. Find out how we can help grow your business today.

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