CIENCE Recognized for Happiest Employees by Comparably

Comparably, a leading workplace culture and compensation monitoring site, announced CIENCE as one of the recipients of the 2021 “Happiest Employees” award, placing us #34 among the top 50 large companies of happiest employees. 

“We are extremely proud to have received this award because after a tough and tumultuous year with COVID-19 and remote work, it proves that our flexibility, creativity, and continued focus on personal and professional development is paying off,” said Michele Crocker, COO at CIENCE.


The Happiest Employees category is based on anonymous employee responses to questions that seek to understand the factors that contribute to an employee’s overall happiness at work:

“In our annual analysis of where the happiest employees are, Comparably looks at a combination of metrics that contribute to happiness at work, from fair pay, benefits, and clear goals to excitement for the company and the work itself,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. “Despite the challenges of the past year-and-a-half, the top-rated companies on the list succeed at meeting the needs of their workers across these important factors.”

Comparably awards are compiled from over 10 million anonymous employee ratings across 60,000 U.S. companies over a 12-month period. The highest-rated companies with the happiest employees are divided into two lists: the top 50 large companies (more than 500 employees) and the top 50 small/mid-size companies (500 employees or fewer). 

To qualify as a large company, CIENCE needed at least 75 participants, with bonus weight given for more participation from our employee base.

The ratings were based on a variety of factors, including compensation, leadership, corporate culture, perks and benefits, and professional development. The anonymous feedback was provided by CIENCE employees of all ages, genders, ethnicities, departments, education levels, and experience. 

Here are a couple of our favorite reviews given by our employees:

“[The atmosphere] is difficult to put into words: CIENCE has a positive vibe and I love it. I love the people, I love the company, and its potential.” —CIENCE Employee

“I like working with [CIENCE] clients–I never know what kinds of cool people I'll meet or interesting services I'll learn about. I love that I can see how my work has a positive impact on the clients that I work with.” —CIENCE Employee


As a company that had rocket-fuel growth over the last six years, it's incredibly important to see that although we’ve expanded so much, our employees are happy and still feel like a family. 

“It is truly an honor to work for an organization that continues to be recognized by its employees as a great place to work, said Cindy Sanborn, U.S. head of human resources at CIENCE. “We pride ourselves on providing a positive and uplifting experience for everyone at CIENCE, and while the past year has forced us to adapt to a remote working environment, we are delighted to hear that our employees are among the happiest in the United States.” 

It's an incredibly rare feat to receive this type of achievement within a larger organization. As our company continues to grow, it shows that we haven’t lost the intimate connection that has been with us from the start. 

Have Fun with CIENCE

CIENCE is always looking to hire great talent and is actively recruiting for a variety of exciting roles. To learn more about our professional opportunities, visit the CIENCE Careers page.