Grow and Scale Your
Business with B2B Appointment Setting Services

Qualified lead generation to drive your sales.

Trusted by >2,500 organizations, CIENCE guides your top-of-funnel, enabling your closers to close.


CIENCE Appointment Setting Services delivers qualified appointments

Outbound prospecting is the key to growing and scaling your business. Unfortunately, building an in-house sales team is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

With CIENCE, you can outsource for a fraction of the cost.

Our professionally-trained staff and finely-honed process can be plugged in to become your own well-oiled sales machine.

How It Works

The Predictable, Outbound Appointment Setting Process At CIENCE
Tell us about your company and which personas and industries can benefit from what you offer.
Our human-powered, machine driven research team curates and enriches fresh contact data and arguments with custom sales research according to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
Our specialized sales experts qualify leads and book meetings for you.
We orchestrate and execute customized, targeted, and multi-channel outbound campaigns—leveraging email, cold calling, LinkedIn, pre-targeting ads, and more—to start conversations with your ideal customers.
Your team gets appointments scheduled on their calendars, meets with your new future clients, and focuses on closing deals.

CIENCE makes appointment setting easy so you can attend to more pressing
business priorities or take some extra time off. You deserve it.

Top B2B Lead Generation Companies

CIENCE achieves the highest ranking for its ability to deliver lead generation
services. Top B2B Lead Generation Companies:

Inbound and Outbound
Appointment Setting Services

CIENCE combines highly-skilled people and cutting-edge technology to consistently exceed your appointment setting expectations. We are a
People-as-a-Service and always put our customers first.
Sales Playbook Deliverable
Campaign Launch
Precision Targeting, Copywriting, Playbooks, Reply Handling, Qualification, Appointment Scheduling, Detailed Analytics Across All Activities
25-250 Named Accounts/Month (*Variable per market/industry/company)
Prospect Touchpoints per Sequence
5 - 25 (TBD)
Core Channels
Phone, Email, Social (LinkedIn), Web + Chat (Conversational Marketing), Pre-Targeting Advertising. Optional: Offline/Gifting
Qualified Appointments, Meetings, Briefings, Demos
Team Composition
Number of Specialized FT Resources
Number of Strategic PT Staff
3 - 5
Composition of Specialized FT Staff
Sales Researcher, SDR
Account Management
Account Manager, Project Manager, Campaign Strategist, Technical Experts, Web Project Manager
Addt’l Support Staff
Research QA, Design, Web Development, Email Deliverability, Outreach Coordinators, Messaging Strategy, Team Captains / SDR Mentors.
Type of Pricing
Subscription, Monthly Service (3-Month Minimum)
Types of Tasks
Immediate Human Response to Online Forms, Real-Time Chat Client, Preliminary Qualification (MQL-to-SQL), Data Enrichment (CRM, MAP), Detailed Accounting and Analytics across all activities
Team Composition
Number of Specialized FT Resources
Number of Strategic PT Staff
Composition of Specialized FT Resources
Inbound Sales Development Rep
Guaranteed Working Hours
40hrs / wk (Assigned)
Account Management
Customer Success Manager, Account Manager
Type of pricing
Subscription, Monthly Service Fee
Service Level Agreements Available

Benefits You Get with CIENCE’s Appointment Setting Services

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Enable your sales team sell
  • Save time for your team
  • Build a predictable sales pipeline
  • Strategically increase sales
  • Drive ROI
  • Grow your business

We’re an appointment setting company, saving your sales team valuable time and empowering them to focus on closing so they don’t waste hours poking around in inefficient data tools.

Our repeatable process produces predictable top-of-funnel revenue, enables you to scale, and pushes the boundaries for growth.

Partnering with CIENCE gets you all of that at 1/3rd the cost of what you’d spend on
in-house resources.

Fast Facts

Information Technology and Services by the numbers


Appointments Set each month since 2018


B2B Customers since CIENCE was founded in 2015

250+ Industries

# of B2B industries with appointments set

The Inside Sales Solution
to Grow Your Lists

Across every major industry, CIENCE has booked high-quality meetings,
finding the right personas at the right organizations, every time.
Remain at the forefront of your industry

– Information Technology
– Telecommunications
– Web Development
– Software Development
– Financial Services
– Accounting
– Merchant Services
– Marketing & Advertising
– Healthcare & Biotechnology
– Education & Training
– Business & Management Consulting
– Hospitality
– Manufacturing & Distribution
– Construction
– Logistics & Transportation
– Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial

We go the extra mile to get you in touch with

– Founders
– Owners
– C-Suite
– Presidents
– Vice Presidents
– Executive Directors
– Directors
– Managers
– Technicians
– Analysts
– Supervisors
– Designers
– Developers

Whether your key decision makers are enterprise owners or end users, CIENCE makes
appointment setting with prospects nearly effortless for you and your team.

From SMB to Enterprises

Our Turnkey Approach Adapts to Your Unique Goals
SMB — Prioritization is key when it comes to managing a massive to-do list. With the help of CIENCE, you can get back to the work that matters most: optimizing growth strategies and selling your product or service to those positioned to purchase, within your ICP.//optimizing your strategies for sustainable and scalable business growth.
Enterprise — Whether you’re rolling out a new product or testing a new market—instead of increasing spend on outreach and training your sales teams, CIENCE will enable your enterprise to establish initial traction. Then you can close deals and watch revenues climb.

Experience Seamless Onboarding

Following SOW, here’s an overview of the process:
Meet CSM and review the basics
Collaborate with the team to define goals and success factors
CIENCE establishes the research delivery schedule and begins
CIENCE puts systems in place—from domain setup and email warm-up to tech stack hook
up—finalizing with presentation
Review and approve
Results: A dedicated team, leveraging data and expertise to set appointments for your reps.

Read the case studies detailing how
CIENCE has made successful appointment
setting a breeze for our

“I was pleased with the results, their timing, and their communication.”
Financial Services
“CIENCE delivers on time, implements suggestions quickly, and creates excellent custom email templates.”
“They also have a global outreach and aren’t just focused on the US market.”


What is B2B appointment setting?
Why is appointment setting important?
How outsourced appointment setting increases ROI?
How many appointments will I get
per month?
Why CIENCE is a leader in appointment setting?
What is B2B appointment setting?
It’s when a salesperson generates a qualified lead by developing a strong enough relationship to set an appointment. This provides an opportunity for the salesperson to utilize their skills of communication and persuasion while conducting face-to-face selling.

When outsourcing this activity, it starts with a SaaS application emailing and calling a prospect list. As connections are made, human agents navigate the process to reach prospects and schedule appointments for your reps.
Why is appointment setting important?
Most organizations that are successful focus on listening to a prospect’s problem, identifying the best solution, making a recommendation, and ultimately closing the sale. However, in order to do that, an appointment must be set first.
How outsourced appointment setting increases ROI?
When sales reps are responsible for researching potential opportunities, conducting prospecting calls, and qualifying leads, they are not focusing their time and energy on critical sales closing activities. Over time, focus can drift from closing sales to finding new prospects to add to their pipeline.

By investing in a respectable B2B outsourcer, you can get a dedicated team with the expertise to provide qualified leads that have a higher potential of conversion.
How many appointments will I get
per month?
The number of appointments that can be generated in a month depends on the client, industry, and business climate at the time. We have developed an ROI Calculator with the sole purpose of helping organizations to get a better understanding of the number of appointments that would need to be generated to justify a B2B appointment setting service.
Why CIENCE is a leader in appointment setting?
Each Sales Development Rep Team contains a specialist in each area of sales support including a dedicated researcher, a sales development representative, a customer success manager, a campaign strategist, a writer, and access to our platform and database. CRM + CIENCE DataBase = Stronger Sales Performance.

Additionally, our customer success stories speak for themselves. You can check them out here.

Hear what our clients
have to say

CIENCE Technologies freed up our sales representatives to focus on communicating with qualified leads...we’ve been able to connect with a variety of individuals and companies to create business opportunities.
Greg Mack
Director of North American Sales
Yamaha Unified Communications

Ready to get your sales team doing what they do best?

Let’s talk and get your salesforce selling while we get you leads that are interested, qualified, and ready to buy your product or service.

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