HubSpot CRM Integration Aligns Sales & Marketing

Getting your sales and marketing teams on the same page is critical for a healthy sales funnel.

CIENCE can help you create a single view of your customers across all business functions. This way, your data works even better, for you

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CIENCE drastically increased our CRM with non qualified and qualified accounts alongside firmographics, technographics, market data and trends for easy lead scoring
CMO of Mid-Market E-Commerce
Solutions Provider

Why Integrate with CIENCE

CRM + CIENCE DataBase = Stronger Sales Performance

Your data is only as useful for sales enablement when it is clean. Implementation or migration to a better CRM is a critical step towards optimizing your sales journey, but it doesn’t solve everything. The health of your CRM data matters, and CIENCE can help.

Why Integrate with CIENCE

Efficient Workflows

Teams don’t like change. Give them the data to build repeatable workflows that automate success

Data Integrity

Never lose any of your customer data, ever. We take a thorough, comprehensive approach to data.

Data Structure

Know where and how to find the meaningful data to keep deals moving and on schedule through close

Data Hygiene

Gain updated, accurate prospect and customer data from the #1 ranked lead generation company and our research department.

Trained Experts

CIENCE boasts 500+ HubSpot certified team members, with 8 having the highest Advanced Implementation Certification.

Drive Engagement and Optimize Automation

A healthy CRM means you can automate workflows and personalize engagement with the confidence to create better contact experiences.

How Migration Works


Initial Evaluation

Beginning with a discovery and kick-off call, you’ll meet your certified implementation specialist and the team who will learn everything about your sales enablement processes and walk you through the next steps.

protect data

Integration Build

By tailoring your integration with your custom fields, sync logic and field mappings, CIENCE ensures your data remains intact and accurate across systems.


Validate, Enrich, and Expand

CIENCE offers additional capabilities to run validation of any contact record in your CRM. We can also enrich this data or provide new sales data with our research capabilities-- including Lookalikes, Lead Scoring, and net new Sales Research.



Prior to the integration, CIENCE will audit your current data and analyze your marketing and sales funnel, assets, and workflow to determine areas of improvement.


Test and Implement

First, we perform quality assurance tests on all your sync flows and data. Next, complete historical sync populates your systems with all eligible records to date.


Our Approach to Procpect & Customer Data

Pain-staking attention to customer data is at the heart of the CIENCE process.

Our dedicated team of CRM implementation experts and turnkey solutions empower clients to unleash the full potential of their customer data. CIENCE has been a HubSpot Platinum partner since 2018 and was named one of a select few companies in the United States to earn their Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC) in March 2020.

CIENCE-tific Experts in Data
and Sales Orchestration Tools

Inbound SDR
HubSpot AIC Certified Experts
CIENCE Database with 10s of millions leads and data points
Backed by the #1 B2B lead generation services company
Backed by the #1 B2B lead generation services company

The Reviews Are In

See why our clients have rated CIENCE #1 in lead

Meet Your

CRM Implementation Expert + Enterprise
Sales Executive, HubSpot AIC Certified
Sarah Battani

I deliver specialized service to customers with complex CRM migration, integration and implementation needs. I develop positioning, onboarding, collaborating, executing, and tracking processes in order to implement a new, more efficient system of record to meet a client’s goals.

I help clients to define and document their goals with the implementation:

– What are their business goals for migrating to the HubSpot CRM?
– What data can we provide to help you achieve your sales goals?
– What does success look like after the migration?
– What does success look like after 30, 90, 180 days?
– What processes do they want to improve and/or automate?
– What is their biggest concern regarding the switch?
Depending on the system, the client, and the timeline, my required deliverables can include any of the following: data migration, general system setup, automation, content creation, reporting functionality, integration setup and configuration, data enrichment, Account & Contact Lookalikes, Lead Scoring and net new Sales Research.
I help customers to personalize and map this new system cross-functionally to each department’s processes and requirements. I show them how everything is connected, how it all works, and how to navigate both new and existing workflows.

Go with a Winner

CIENCE is proud to be recognized by INC 5000 as the 112th
fastest growing private company in the US, a testament
to the power of clean CRM data and the power of
Outbound Sales.

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