Sales Horoscope: Define Your Selling Style

Do you believe in horoscopes? We at CIENCE believe in talented people, outbound strategies, and dedicated work. However, if things were that simple, it wouldn’t be such a challenge to find a professional sales development representative (SDR), right? 

Sales is not just all science; it is full of mystery and magic! Some people are naturally good at outreach and can close even the most complicated deals right away, while others need months to make their first cold call or send a cold email. We believe that our personal talents are written in the stars, and the best you can do is to follow what you are inherently good at.

Characteristics of Zodiac Signs in Sales 

To help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses, we’ve gathered all twelve zodiac signs, developed under four elements of nature that influence your personality type. Check out our full list of sales characteristics by zodiac sign to make your sales process more productive.

Aries: The Winner

Sales Horoscope: Aries

The rams are the number one zodiac sign for a reason: These guys are known for their leadership qualities, positive attitude, and strong will. If you were born under this sign, congratulations—there is no better sign for a sales representative than this one. You are persistent but empathetic, curious but knowledgeable, and stubborn but charming. The only advice is to be patient with your prospects, and choose wisely when to follow up and when to stop the conversation. Remember that not everyone is as quick at making decisions as you are, especially when it comes to signing deals in B2B. So, give your leads as much time as needed.  

Strengths: endless energy, leadership, desire to win 

Weaknesses: hot-tempered, impatient  

Taurus: The Decent One

Sales Horoscope: Taurus

The bull is one of the most stable, reliable, and patient zodiac signs. These qualities make Taurus exceptionally trustworthy sales representatives. They are confident enough to stand up for themselves, which makes them very good at the negotiation stage. They pay a great deal of attention even to the smallest details, which is why they are such talented managers. However, sometimes, their obstinate character and unwillingness to search for compromises lead to losing good contacts with the potential to become loyal clients. 

Strengths: loyalty, reliability, patience 

Weaknesses: rigid, controlling 

Gemini: The Master of All

Sales Horoscope: Gemini

Those people born under this zodiac sign are very successful as sales representatives due to their adaptability and multitalented personality. Their superb skill to find a common ground with everyone makes them irreplaceable at cold calling, where this quality is valued the most. Besides that, Geminis are very creative with cold emailing and have the best personalization lines. For those of you who were born under the Gemini stars, remember that hesitation is your enemy. Be more confident, take the initiative in your hands, and improve your conversions!

Strengths: versatile, curious, quick learners  

Weaknesses: inattentive, hesitant 

Cancer: The Introvert

Sales Horoscope: Cancer

Usually, crabs are the shyest members of the sales team. Even though they are very emotional inside, on the outside, they prefer to be silent and hold their thoughts to themselves. This is not always a bad thing for an SDR as it helps to make prospects talk more about themselves and their business needs. 

Cancers are masters at balancing personal life and work. But if something goes wrong in either of these parts of life, their pessimistic attitude can affect everyone around them.

Strengths: spiritual, convincing, perceptive  

Weaknesses: capricious, pessimistic 

Leo: The Leader

Sales Horoscope: Leo

This zodiac sign is represented by a lion, the king of the animals, the leader of the wilderness. Same as their spirit animal, Leos are natural leaders, very charming and positive, with a great sense of humor. Usually, they are talented salespeople who can melt even the coldest lead’s heart. Leos are beloved by their teammates and prospects equally. But their self-centric nature can play bad jokes on them. So, if you were born under this fire sign, slow down your temper and work on your empathetic skills toward both your colleagues and clients.

Strengths: emotional, generous, brave  

Weaknesses: obstinate, egotistical  

Virgo: The Teammate

Sales Horoscope: Virgo

The earth sign of Virgo represents very grounded, practical-orientated, and diligent workers. With the beginning of the shift, Virgos get totally sucked into the working process, having no time for any fun. Besides that, they are very responsive to people’s needs and are ready to lend a hand to anyone, any time, even if it harms them. Willingness to help isn’t a bad quality at all, but Virgos, please take care of yourself first and then assist others. Otherwise, you'll risk burning out at work.

Strengths: altruistic, kind-hearted, hard-working  

Weaknesses: lack of self-confidence, shyness  

Libra: The Hospitable One

Sales Horoscope: Libra

People born under this air sign are extremely easygoing, sociable, and people-orientated. Working in sales definitely fits their character and mindset. Their strong emotional intelligence and inherited wisdom can help them to close even the most challenging cases. They have no trouble reaching the appointment setting quota, but their hesitancy and fear of conflict can negatively affect their self-esteem when dealing with rejections. Libras need to take a deep breath and accept that not every lead will become a customer.

Strengths: open-minded, honorable, empathetic  

Weaknesses: ambiguous, avoids confrontations  

Scorpio: The Loner

Sales Horoscope: Scorpio

There is no one more secretive and mysterious than Scorpios. They have a very strong, vibrant energy and intriguing personality. But their inability to communicate openly with some people turns prospecting into torture. They are much better when dealing with analytical and research tasks.

Scorpios prefer to keep their work separate from their private life, which often becomes an obstacle to a possible promotion. Try to have some fun with your colleagues (watch a movie or share some funny memes) and show them your beautiful personality.  

Strengths: private, spiritual, ardent  

Weaknesses: reticent  

Sagittarius: The Motivator

Sales Horoscope: Sagittarius

These guys have the potential of becoming the president of the company if they decide they want to do it. Things like running the extra mile to get an appointment or taking a course on how to cold email are what drives these dedicated salespeople toward success. If you were born under this sign, keep doing whatever you do. For you, the sky's the limit. But before jumping into anything, take into account all the risks and make one step at a time. 

Strengths: knowledgeable, purposeful, perfectionist   

Weaknesses: risky, impatient 

Capricorn: The Even-Tempered One

Sales Horoscope: Capricorn

The mythological creature of half-goat, half-fish representing this zodiac sign symbolizes Capricorn’s ability to balance out emotions and material things. This is a very strong quality for an SDR. Capricorns know when to push and when to step back in a dialogue with the prospect. Besides that, they have strong financial motives, which is why they are so good at their jobs. 

Capricorns can improve performance with a positive attitude. Learn to find motivation even when you think that all you’re doing is in vain. Dedicated work always brings results. 

Strengths: accountable, reliable, responsible    

Weaknesses: pessimist, uncompromising 

Aquarius: The Altruist

Sales Horoscope: Aquarius

These are some of the most kind-hearted, sincere, and generous people you can meet. They have a natural talent for being a good listener, which helps them to make good impressions on the clients. Their cold calling sounds more like a nice talk with a friend than a business call with a prospect. These guys know how to warm up a cold lead, but they definitely need to work more on their negotiation skills. The desire of the Aquarius to satisfy everyone can’t be reached in the sales sphere. But if they master following cold calling scripts better, it might help them become more confident. 

Strengths: attentive, trustworthy, humanitarian

Weaknesses: lacking negotiation skills, inconsistent

Pisces: The Dreamer

Sales Horoscope: Pisces

These guys are the true dreamers. Doing routine tasks like following scripts or sending follow-ups isn’t their number one priority. They are guided by higher goals and new possibilities. These qualities make them great at building strategies, optimizing processes for the entire team, and researching potential leads. These guys could even become awesome project managers one day, if only they believe in themselves a bit more!

Strengths: good intuition, creativity, sensitivity 

Weaknesses: lack of self-confidence, overly dramatic

Use Your Zodiac’s Strengths to the Fullest

It gets harder to deny that there is something very special about the twelve zodiac signs and the way they determine our strong and weak sides. Of course, we are all very unique and different, so this sales horoscope can’t fit your personality a hundred percent. But if some of the trends described in this article match your selling styles and skills you excel at, let us know by taking a part in the poll below: