Best Sales Memes: Accurate, Relatable, and Funny

We know, being in sales is no piece of cake. Besides millions of details that go into this work, salespeople have to deal with quotas, rejections, and a bit of anxiety that comes with it. 

However, what is the best way to overcome a challenge? Find something in it you can laugh about! And maybe do some practice on the side.

Whether you are a sales rep or a sales manager, we have prepared twenty-five funny sales memes that’ll make you laugh and give you a daily boost of humor we all need.

1. In cold calling, it’s all about persistence. 

Funny meme about cold calling

Source: @sales_humor

Michael Scott from The Office is right; cold calling can be painful sometimes, but there is a way to make it better. Remember, you are not the first sales rep afraid to pick up the phone.

If you need an extra boost of confidence, we got you: Look through our cold calling guide for the questions you might have, or check out five tips on how to get over your fear of cold calling

2. Try another time.

Funny sales memes about prospecting

Source: @sales_humor

In prospecting, timing is crucial. According to our recent survey, prospects say that the best time to reach them is Monday before 9 a.m. So perhaps don’t take Ben Solo as an example here.

3. It happens even to the greatest.

Sales humor: memes about prospecting

Source: @sales_humor

Even if you do everything right, not every sales appointment ends in purchasing. Nevertheless, we know at least five strategies to turn prospects into customers that may help you avoid this situation. 

4. The Ever Given boat was not the only one that got stuck. 

Sales humor meme - prospecting

Source: @sales_humor

The no-show is frustrating. It may happen because of an unqualified lead, or wrong scheduling, or just because a prospect forgot that the meeting was happening today. At least once, that happened to every person in sales. But don’t lose hope: There’s always a way to reduce a no-show rate.

5. However, when a prospect is ready to move forward, that feels great!

Best Sales Memes - 1

There is a need for speed in lead generation. Sales cycles are long, and if you shorten them even a little bit with your timely response, you are up to success, especially if you’re about to land a customer.

6. … I’m fine.

Sales humor: funny meme about rejection

Source: @sales_humor

First, you have to define whether that was an objection or a rejection. If a prospect doesn’t accept your pitch (but has an objective reason for that), it’s an objection, and there is a way around that. However, if what you got was a hard “no,” don’t take it personally and move on to the next opportunity.

7. Valuable social skill: knowing when it’s time to leave.

Funny sales memes

Source: @sales_humor

Persistence is good in sales. In fact, there is only a 30% chance of getting an answer to the first email you send. Yet, some salespeople overdo it. The best way is to create an email strategy beforehand, with a cadence that includes three to five email waves (just enough to get an answer, not enough to become a stalker). 

8. Oh no.

Sales leads memes

Source: @truesalesmemes

It probably does feel like a drought, but we are here to give you a fresh glass of qualified leads. Just ask for CIENCE research!

9. How much is enough?

Best Sales Memes - 2

Not a single prospect wants to read a monologue three pages long on why they should pick your company. Your sales pitch has to be short, full of value, and answer three questions: Why me, why choose your company, and why now? 

10. It was a rocky ride, yet you made it!

Closed sales meme

Source: @truesalesmemes

It’s okay; we all experience minor (hopefully) setbacks at the beginning of our careers. Opposite to popular opinion, being a good salesperson is not what you’re born with. It’s something you can master.

11. Ugh, making it cringy.

Sales humor - funny memes

Source: @sales_humor

This kind of approach didn’t work even in times of direct selling. Nowadays, our executives still get a portion of creepy and cringy emails, and it doesn’t work as well. The only place such a pitch might end up is our good, bad, and ugly blog section.

12. We will give you ten dollars for it.

Best Sales Memes - 3Every work has its price, and we know it. But remember, if a prospect’s objection is based on the money premise, it may be a signal they are just not interested.

13. How could I not see that coming?

Funny sales meme: how to get through gatekeeper to decision-maker

Source: @truesalesmemes

A professional cold caller expects a gatekeeper to pop up and knows how to talk to one to get to the decision-maker. It takes some practice, but you get used to it.

14. All of us in the Zoom era.

Best Sales Memes - 4Hopefully, you’re not in front of the screen wearing a ripped T-shirt with a bag of Cheetos in your hands.

15. For all sales execs out there who know this pain.

Best Sales Memes - 5To avoid this from happening, we suggest teaching your sales reps how to qualify leads. At CIENCE, we prefer the NOTE method over the BANT one.

16. Your superpowers are intact.

End of the month sales meme

Source: @sales_humor

Being in sales is complicated enough, and the global pandemics and WFH reality don’t make it easier for us. So if you are here and keep on making sales or setting appointments, you should be very proud of yourself!

17. Do you hear me well?

Funny meme about sales pitchSource: @sales_humor

Once again, if your sales pitch is full of value, you won’t have to “scream” it. If you need any help working on a sales copy, check the tips from our content writers.

18. I’m pretty sure.

Best Sales Memes - 6

19. So it’s not a legend; it does work!

Funny meme about sales success!

Source: @salesmemes.only

Over 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience—this is the magic of personalization in action. 

20. It’s like we know each other!

Funny sales memesSource: The Daily Sales

Building rapport is an implementation of personalization in real-time. If your research was good and you’ve managed to keep up with the prospect’s mood, your rapport can be one of the keys to the future sale. 

21. Stars in the sky, you know how I feel.

The Daily Sales meme

Source: The Daily Sales 

The sales lead generation process is long and scrupulous. So whether you are a researcher who hit the quota, a sales development rep who set an appointment, or a sales executive who landed a new customer, you should celebrate yourself!

22. You know, just in case, I’m right here waiting for your reply.

Funny Sales Memes - SDR Follow-up

Source: @truesalesmemes

According to our recent study, prospects consider follow-up emails great reminders yet wish they came less often. So if this sales meme is 100% you, perhaps you should reconsider your follow-up strategy.

23. That one researcher pal with CIA operative search skills.

Best Sales Memes - 7

Though Liam Neeson is quite an intimidating fellow, his tracking skills are of great example for our CIENCE researchers. They find perfect leads even in challenging industries and get all the info needed to start sales outreach. 

24. SDR song of the day.

Best Sales Memes - 8

This sales meme states that there are at least two things that are infinite: love for Lionel Richie and search for perfect leads. Moreover, they seem to make a great combo, and we guarantee this sales lyric will be stuck in your head all day.

If you want to listen to more SDR songs, check these 20 songs that can be in your playlist

25. When did it get dark outside?

Funny memes about sales peopleWorking from home does erase some work boundaries, and we agree, doing one more task after your workday is over doesn’t seem like a big deal. “I’ll drink one more cup of coffee and look through the leads for tomorrow.” Well, don’t! Get some rest; you deserve it!

Sales Humor to the Rescue

We have hundreds of salespeople at CIENCE. They are fun, goal-oriented, and creative. They keep growing businesses worldwide even in tough times like this, and they take our company to the next level.

That’s why we know how important it is to have fun while you do your job. Hope you did have a laugh or two with our funny sales memes, and if you want some more practical knowledge, just check our blog.