5 Impactful Ways to Use Videos for Lead Generation

In the B2B marketplace, businesses tend to make larger purchases and strive to build long-lasting relationships with reliable partners—which is why brand reputation and trust are vital to stand out in your niche.

Now, there’s hardly a company today that doesn’t leverage videos as powerful tools for establishing a reliable brand. According to a Wyzowl report, 91% of businesses use videos in marketing with 96% of marketers recognizing the high importance of implementing videos into their strategies. 

But it doesn’t take a video marketing expert to realize that not all types of video content excel when you are trying to engage potential clients and provide relevant information that establishes your business in your industry. 

So, to keep you from losing time and resources developing content that doesn't get the job done, let's discover five ways you can utilize the right videos for lead generation to help nurture brand trust and increase your conversions. 

Video Lead Generation

5 Effective Ways to Use Lead Generation Videos

Video marketing is a powerful tool for organizations looking to drive more leads and engage more customers. In fact, 86% of marketers claim that videos are highly successful in generating leads for their business. 

To top that, 91% of consumers surveyed said that they want to see more online videos from brands in 2023, with 51% of this group saying that they were more likely to share videos over any other type of content—a win-win for businesses and potential customers alike. 

From video testimonials to product demos, lead generation videos have become a key part of targeted outreach. To increase your visibility and attract more customers, implement these videos into your lead generation strategies:

1. Use educational videos to showcase your expertise.

The core objective of any educational video is to impart specific knowledge to the viewer. But to make a great one, you need to take advantage of the power and flexibility of video content to convey information while appealing to your potential client's needs and wants. 

You can make a compelling B2B educational video by talking in-depth about recent news in your niche or addressing important industry-wide topics—just remember to tackle a subject that your ideal audience would be interested in.

Then, post your educational videos on your social media platforms or send them directly to clients through an email subscription list, and let your content outreach do its work.

Taking the time to produce high-quality content focused on educating your audience with relevant and valuable data can be a great way to show that you care about your potential customers and the challenges they face. After all, empathy helps build trust.

Let’s take a look at CIENCE’s educational video about how to build targeted lead lists:

The video establishes a common lead generation issue from the start and conveys that its goal is to assist viewers with it. It's crucial to show that you sympathize with your viewers' challenges, and the narrator here does just that.

Although it addresses a somewhat complex topic, the video remains short and uses humor to keep viewers engaged. Meanwhile, the narrator focuses on using simple language and explains every concept thoroughly, a fundamental factor in creating any type of B2B video content that works.

This video is an excellent example of how to create educational videos that establish your brand as trustworthy: choosing a relevant topic they'd care about and addressing it with expertise and finesse.

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2. Highlight your value proposition with product demo videos.

The best products and services come with various features that allow them to address potential clients' issues—especially when talking about B2B products. After all, you must showcase as many key value propositions as possible to make your offer stand out. When done correctly, 96% of marketers agree that videos can help increase the user's understanding of your offerings.

However, the diversity of features can make some products and services too complex to sound attractive from the get-go. And when your clients are companies, chances are they won’t have all the time in the world to read lengthy whitepapers unless you give them good reasons to do so.

If that's the case for your company, consider creating an optimized product demo video for your customers. These types of lead generation videos consist of a detailed walkthrough of your product's main features and functions.

You can even explore innovative text-to-video options available, creating videos by converting text to video right in your browser and transforming any text into professional-looking videos in just a few clicks.

For example, the following video shows how to use Wix's website builder to help you create an online store:

This goes over all the different features this program has to offer, like the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor that allows you to have a page up and running in minutes or the website analytics they provide. 

Using screencast, which records the screen while navigating through the software's features, Wix can directly show their viewers how the program works. Meanwhile, answering commonly asked questions allows them to address the concerns of potential buyers and showcase all of the product's key features and benefits.

This example shows perfectly how product video demos can give potential customers a more in-depth look at your product and its key value propositions, solving any doubt they may have beforehand while also nurturing a great post-sale experience at the same time.

Showcase Your Brand With Video Demos

3. Broadcast your team with behind-the-scenes videos.

Behind-the-scenes videos are all about giving your audience a peek into what happens inside your company. We've seen these videos become a prevalent type of content for social platforms, but how does the style translate to a B2B environment?

Transparency is a great tool to garner trust in your B2B company. When a company decides to do business with you, they aren't just buying a product but investing in a whole host of services and interactions: logistics, support, and ongoing communications—working with another business implies a constant flow of collaborative efforts.

Featuring your teams and the way you work can help sway decision-makers' opinions in your favor. You can show off your lead generation solution with a video, introduce your talented workforce, or open up the floor to have your employees share their expertise on a relevant topic.

The “Meet Our Cientist” series on CIENCE’s YouTube channel is a great example of an excellent behind-the-scenes video:

In this video, we get to meet the company's editorial manager as she talks about her experience in the industry, her humble beginnings as a writer, and how her role continues to evolve with the transformation of digital media. 

What this video does exceptionally well is how it displays both playful and serious bits. We get to see her personality as she's cracking jokes, giving advice, and talking about life goals, making it easier for future clients to connect with her. But it also allows her to show herself as a dedicated professional and a solid player in the industry. 

These types of behind-the-scenes videos can be proof for potential customers that your team is built with the capable and effective people they'd want to do business with—and that makes trusting your company that much easier. 

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4. Nurture trust through happy client testimonial videos.

Social proof is a concept used to explain how customers tend to rely more on a brand after seeing positive reviews about it. This is especially true in nurturing trust in your B2B company, as decision-makers rely a lot on reputation and brand image when considering whether or not to engage your services.

In a testimonial video, customers describe how using your product or service has benefited them. The goal is for your video to come across as a personal recommendation: potential customers should feel as if an unbiased third party has offered them a piece of advice—to hire your company.

This is why lead generation video testimonials belong in a particular category of your marketing toolbox. The focus here isn't on your company or even what you offer but on your clients and their pain points. 

You want viewers to be able to relate to their struggles on an emotional level and feel the relief of learning how your product helped them. As a result, they are more likely to form a favorable opinion of your company.

Take this client testimonial for GRIN influencer marketing software as an example of this formula: 

Right away, we have the client introducing the company and its situation: Phelps Agency needed an animated video, and they needed it fast. The focus on the client helps prospective customers relate to their specific needs and, in turn, picture how your company could solve similar needs for them as well.

Then, as the interview moves on to describe the process they went through—from the first interview and the script to the wireframes and feedback—the footage showcases the process being talked about.

This testimonial formula is nothing new, but you keep consistently seeing it used because it works. You create content that isn't focused on self-promotion but rather on sharing your client's stories and honest experiences about working alongside your company.

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5. Use data-based case studies to appeal to customers.

If testimonials are all about appealing to emotions in a candid conversation, you have to bring out the hard facts with case studies.

Case studies are a type of video that helps you convey the value of what you offer by showcasing real, data-backed success stories in detail. The focus is placed on providing an in-depth view of your solutions tailored to your ideal buyer persona so potential customers can see their actual value and the real impact your services can provide.

These videos feed your viewers a seemingly unbiased, facts-driven review of the results you've achieved for a customer, accompanied by stats and figures to back it up. Remember that with case study videos, the focus should be on your company and what it provides: your abilities, strong points, and the features that satisfy your customers.

As mentioned before, B2B buyers need to gather information about a company before making their choice. A case study can provide the authentic review of crucial information they need to make the decision.

For example, this case study from The Warren Group features a real client explaining how the company used CIENCE to expand its business: 

The client praises CIENCE’s abilities in communications, showing where his company’s priorities lie when working with other businesses. And if those happen to be the same priorities your clients hold, case studies like these will be particularly effective.

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Drive Engagement with Video Lead Generation 

Video content has the ability to convey emotions, personality, and a sense of authenticity that is difficult to achieve through other types of marketing. By creating engaging and informative videos that speak directly to the needs and interests of your target audience, you can reach your ideal customers in a more meaningful way.

For a B2B company, trust is crucial. Be sure to create lead generation videos that address common pain points and challenges faced by your target audience so you can offer the right solutions and build loyalty in your brand.

After all, as mentioned before, to nurture trust in your B2B company, you should have compelling content that speaks for you and gets your message across. By providing value throughout the customer journey, you’ll be able to drive more engagement and build those lasting relationships.