6 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Sales Attitude in B2B

We’ve all had days like this: Nothing seems to fall into place, the weather is bad, and the mood is down. It may be just a tough day or it may be the first sign of burnout. And just like with any health concern, it’s better to work on prevention now rather than deal with the consequences later. 

Sales is, without a doubt, a challenging profession. Salespeople are the first to feel the changes in the buying cycles, global economy, and worldwide crises like pandemics.

Whether it sounds like a cliché, a positive attitude in sales is vital for success. It’s easy to focus on the challenging parts and forget how rewarding this profession can be. We’ve got you, though. Use these six techniques to feel better and keep loving your job.

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Positive Attitude Techniques for Salespeople

Working in sales has its specific challenges like meeting quotas, deadlines, and rejections. However, we are all under a lot of stressors right now: COVID, information overload, and just dealing with the daily grind. So hopefully, these tips will take some pressure off and guide you toward a healthier lifestyle.

1. Get moving. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a sound mind in a sound body,” which actually goes way back to circa 550 BC and the philosopher Thales of Miletus. This little history flashback proves that people have seen the connection between physical and mental health since the beginning of time. And though you may not want to hear it (and would eagerly stay in bed instead), you should exercise regularly.

Don’t get too frustrated with this advice though. A walk in the park or some morning stretching can be a decent method to get your daily dose of endorphins. Besides getting you in a better mood, it can help with lowering anxiety, reducing the risk of depression, and coping with a traumatic experience.

Result: Better focus and inner resilience help us to face various work objectives.  

2. Figure out your work-life balance.

The biggest challenge of working remotely in the time of pandemics is not being able to stop working. In fact, during COVID remote employees worked an extra twenty-six hours each month (nearly an extra day every week).

Since you have no actual need to close your laptop and get going home, the lines between work and after-work hours get blurred. That affects your motivation, mood, and sleep schedule, leading to severe anxiety, sleep deprivation, and lack of motivation whatsoever. Sounds glum, right?

So, what you really have to do is unplug. Follow a schedule as if you were going to the office: Clock out at the end of your shift and then turn off your email notifications for the rest of the day and weekends.

It may seem insignificant, but a notification received in the middle of dinner can be a mood killer. In fact, recently, Portugal made it illegal to contact employees outside their working hours. And though you may not live in Portugal, you have a right to turn off the phone while you rest.

Result: When you are well-rested, you will be more productive during the next day at work. 

3. Don’t overestimate the word “no.” 

Your idea might not get picked up by the boss, or you may get a “no” from a prospect, and that’s alright. Rejections happen. In fact, 60% of customers say no four times before saying yes.

What you need to do here is take away some of the power that words hold over you. The brilliance of sales is that if you make a mistake, you get to start over with the next email or call. 

Besides, “no” in sales doesn’t necessarily mean no forever. You have to determine whether this is a rejection or an objection, which are two entirely different things. An objection may be masked as a refusal, when in fact, it's an opportunity to start a conversation and finally set an appointment.

If you need a bit more information on this topic, check out our article on how to overcome common sales objections. 

And if a “no” is what it is, don’t treat it as a defeattreat it as a field for improvement. The more you learn, the better you’ll get, and the fewer rejections you’ll face.

Result: A higher resilience will get you closer to success. 

4. Be kind to yourself.

The global work culture once reached a point when being a workaholic was cheered on. However, in the last couple of years, employees and employers worldwide have re-evaluated this approach.

Yet, even if the work atmosphere is healthy, people with high anxiety can have unreasonable expectations of themselves, resulting in intense demotivation.

What to do with that? Start by setting realistic goals for your day, week, or month. Don’t be afraid to discuss this with your manager or colleagues; they can provide the support you need to be more confident. Don’t dismiss your victoriesthey are worth celebrating.

Result: A sense of achievement will strengthen your spirit and motivate you to reach for the stars.

While we are on the topic of motivation, check out these motivational sales quotes that will inspire you. 

5. Connect with people.

According to Buffer’s 2021 State of Remote Work Report, communication and loneliness are among the top three challenges that remote workers face nowadays. It’s no good when you start your day, and you feel isolated or alone, or both. There are things you can do about it.

Again, talk to your coworkers; there is a high chance that they go through the exact thing. We at CIENCE have weekly calls for project statuses, but almost every time, we find time to share anecdotes, complain about the weather, or show off our pets!

Besides connecting with your peers at work, don’t forget about your loved ones. Even if you cannot meet in person, there’s Zoom and Skype to keep the virtual parties going.

Bonus tip: Sometimes, doing nothing and talking to no one can also take the load off. That’s rightjust sit there! It’s called meditation.

Result: Communication with positive people can fill you up with energy for the entire week. 

6. Bring in the fun.

One of the greatest perks of sales is that you constantly communicate with people. You've probably gotten some comical responses or funny talks over the phone with your prospects. Moments like this should be embraced and cherished.

Fun makes you inspired and inspiration brings better results. So, if you’re into movies (who isn’t?), there are at least a dozen sales-related films that’ll make you smile. Or, if you need a boost of energy before your cold calls, we’ve got a playlist precisely for that purpose.

It may sound corny, but learning something new is also quite fun. Read a book, pick up a hobby, or start a sales course on LinkedIn.

Result: Diversify your activities to break the routine and rediscover things you’ve always loved about your job. 

Stay on the Bright Side of Sales

The most important thing that we like about salespeople is that you can do anything. Success is all in your head, and if you fill it with optimism and hope, your sales attitude will definitely stay positive. And then every day is a good day!

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